Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ok so your all probably thinking where the hell have you been and what have you been doing!
I had my final day last Friday (With no less than IDEAL Results!) and gave myself the rest of the weekend off to celebrate and eat what ever I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted to and just because I could! That and the fact that I had my best mate and his partner over from Sydney and also being bed ridden for the last 4 days with a the flu where I actually lost my voice! Funny that.. and yes you may be laughing here, but I tell ya! I'm a be the one with the last laugh when you see what I have achieved, but lets first break down the weeks.

Week 1:

This is where I had noticed the best and biggest results. It was also gonna be the easiest week for me to complete in hindsight! Hindsight being the operative word here, cause When I first did it, I experienced, tiredness, sugar cravings, the feeling of success and noticeable success at that! I could see my body was starting to transform. To what I had no idea..

With this success for those who have been following me know that I had 3 days off after my first results day. Yes I too can cheat and no it did not effect my plan, the only thing I did struggle with was week 2 and the fact that it was a lot stricter than week 1.

Week 2:

Here I was a moody lil bastard! I don't know if it was the diet or the fact that I know I had cheated earlier on or that I had the treats and it was quickly taken away from me like I moody baby, I soldiered on and to my surprise my results came back much better than I had planned. Which put me in good steed for the last week. I also had 2 cheat days well maybe 3 here! If you get through week 2! and its WILL POWER that will pull you through, you have pretty much made it. Just become focused and determined to hit your goal. You will notice your energy level increase, you mental attitude becomes a force to be reckoned with and you become unstoppable.

Week 3:

Well you guys don't know much about this week. I finished up 3 days earlier than I wanted because I had hit my goal and as I mentioned I had guests! and important ones at that who I had to entertain! :)
The diet was a lot better than week 2. I slowly introduced the sugar I had craved in the form of strawberries and my trusty rolled oats were back on the menu! I was a happy boy and I had 2 weeks of experience of meal prepping, exercise planning and motivation to go by. I won't keep you in suspense. Here are my final results with a week by week body comparison for your eyes only :P

Mark V
Date17 May 201021 May 201028 May 20104 June 2010
Weight72.4 kg69.9 kg70kg68.8kg
B Fat8%7.5%6.1%6%
Muscle in kg63.361.562.561.8
V fat1111
Waist75/29.5inch71/27.95inch70/27.55 inch69/27.1inch

NEED I SAY MORE! But please stay tuned for an update on how my week of the diet has been! I tell you, you will be surprised as I am with my results! Ciao for NoW!

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